With a heritage spanning 25 years, we at Turtle bring in distinctive and unique fashion solutions. Our mission of ‘consumers’ delight’ remains at the very heart of what we do: it's what keeps us as their preferred fashion partner year after year.

Since 1993, we have created quality products through research. A dedicated team performs quality checks at every stage of the process, from buying to packaging. Highly skilled and trained manpower ensures zero defect products.

We offer a vast portfolio of products – shirts, trousers, denims, jackets, suits, T-shirts, accessories. Besides the regular product range, we also offer customized clothing and accessories for employees.

The journey of Turtle has always been about setting trends and making a difference. Be it in the world of fashion, or the society at large.

Which is why, to usher in its 25th year celebrations, Turtle decided to bring hope and weave a difference in the lives of those in need of some. The convicts at the Presidency Jail, Kolkata.

Through a tailor training initiative, Turtle taught them how to sew in a new beginning and stitch back their lives. And then placing the clothes they created in the shelves of their stores, Turtle unveiled to the world what it feels like when the hope and joy of a second chance are stitched into a piece of fabric for the first time.